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Interview of the the General manager of Mezhdurechye ltd.

Karelin Andrey Nikolaevich

General manager of  Mezhdurechye ltd.

Please tell us about your company. Is this the first project of this kind or do you already have experience in creating tourist infrastructure facilities?

Mezhdurechye ltd. was founded in 2015 specifically for the implementation of the project to create a tourist-recreational park Mezhdurechye in the Tver region. This project is a pilot one. The main goal is the creation of a brand complex of the tourist-recreational cluster Mezhdurechye and the attraction to the cluster of broad masses of tourists from the Tver region and other nearby regions, including Moscow, Vladimir, Yaroslavl, Ivanovo regions, who need active and passive rest, restoration of forces and recovery. A tourist-recreational cluster is a group of objects concentrated on a certain territory as a purely tourist profile, providing high-class hotel and restaurant services at democratic prices to the visitors, as well as various sports, recreational, relaxation and development facilities. A unique territory in the floodplain of three rivers with a total area of ​​more than 70 hectares will house several hotel complexes consisting of modern bungalows and oriented to different price segments, as well as for various needs of visitors, it also includes  cafes and restaurants, entertainment and sports grounds, berths for boats and yachts and even own airfield on which there will be a school of training on flights on paragliders  and trikes, and in future we will also open our own flight school. It is assumed that any person will find an occupation of his own interests in the Park.

For us, this is the first project of this kind, but the Company's specialists have a successful experience in creating hotel and restaurant business facilities. In addition, our Company is open for cooperation with interested investors, which, of course, will bring a fresh stream to our business.

What were the preconditions of the project? Why did you decide to implement it in the Kalyazinsky district of the Tver region?


Kalyazinsky district has undeniable advantages, which are not yet fully appreciated by tourists. In addition to the unique natural conditions - the presence of a large number of water bodies entering the basin of the great Russian river Volga, clean air and large forest areas, the area is well located within the boundaries of the traditional Russian tourist route "Golden Ring" ("Small Golden Ring"). The Golden Ring is one of the most popular routes for travelers to Russia, which unites the ancient cities of the central part of the country. Visitors to the Mezhdurechye Park will have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with a large number of cultural heritage objects not in the mode of permanent relocation, but in the excursion mode, using all possible modes of transport - automobile, river and even air. We hope that from the Mezhdurechye park will be organized aerial tours using balloons and even airships. Thus, the Mezhdurechye park becomes the starting point for acquaintance with the culture and historical heritage of our country, as well as its new history.

At the same time, the administration of Kalyazinsky District provides the maximum assistance to the development of this project, which allows us to move to its implementation at an accelerated pace.

What is the difference of your project from other similar projects? What  are the main advantages?

The uniqueness of the Mezhdurechye park is determined, first of all, by its unique location. It will not be only a recreational complex, but also a center for excursion tourism, sports and cognitive tourism. The presence in 10 kilometers of a large city - Kalyazin, which has a developed infrastructure, including large sports facilities, such as the Ice Palace, allows you to attract to the Park sports schools and teams that eventually can become residents of the Park.

And especially we should mention the possibilities of water tourism. Of course, large multi-deck motor ships will not be able to approach the piers of the Park, but Kalyazin, Uglich and Myshkin, along with the Uglich reservoir basin, are quite accessible from recreational motor ships and boats. And river walks on sailing yachts, rowing boats and water bicycles will not leave anyone indifferent. For fans of water extreme we will organize areas for riding on jet ski, water skiing and flyboard. The Park opens wide opportunities for air tourism. The absence of large aero nodes, governmental and military facilities nearby, allows us to organize large-scale events related to flights of balloons, paragliders, light aircraft and helicopters. We hope to organize flight schools  in the Park and to create air tourist routes, which will be very popular. Of course, traditional directions of pedestrian and horse tourism are not forgotten, a large equestrian sports complex is located in the park, and tourist routes of various complexity are laid in the forests. In the near future, a "Forest Extreme" rope park will be opened, allowing active people to explore and test the possibilities of mountain tourism. Especially for fans of fishing we have a specially prepared lake in the Park, in which the fish is launched.

What have you already created as part of the project? What can you offer to tourists now? Which of you offers are in demand?

To date, the first stage is being completed: the engineering preparation of the Park territory has been carried out, which includes obtaining the necessary permits from the Administration of the district and the region, we electrified the park territory and installed 4 power transformers, we built over 10 km of sand-dirt roads, automobile bridges across reservoirs, dug and landscaped artificial reservoirs in the park. The Equestrian club operates in the park, and the first stage of the hotel complex, consisting of 6 guest houses and bungalows was finished. We also opened a paid fishing on an artificial pond.

 A significant part of our audience are Chinese citizens. Is it planned to create something that is targeted specifically at Chinese tourists and consumers? What forms of cooperation are you willing to offer to your Chinese partners?

During developing the concept of the Park, we thought about attracting foreign and, first of all, Chinese tourists. Excursion tourism will be very attractive for Chinese tourists, we provide short-term tourist trips to the main attractions of the Small Golden Ring.

At the same time, we believe that it will be interesting for Chinese tourists to have a purely recreational vacation in an ecologically clean and sparsely populated place, with the possibilities of safe and comfortable merging with the nature of the Central Russian plain.

And for our Chinese guests we are ready to organize Chinese meals and products, so they can at any time treat themselves with their favourable and familiar food.

What are the five associations should potential and existing customers feel, when they hear about your cluster?

  1. Excellent service;
  2. Proximity to nature;
  3. Unique opportunities and interesting activities;
  4. Interesting excursions;
  5. Sport and health.


Vladimir Putin

"Not only the issues of security in the region are in the forefront now, but also the issues of economic cooperation."

Vladimir Putin