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User Agreement

This Agreement defines the Terms and Conditions of using the materials and services

of the website  (further - "Website") by “Users” and consists with partners of the project at the time of registration.

After registration passing, personal access to Internet portal resources be available.

Please, enter the registration form correct data about yourself and truthful information about your activity.

The information you provide is stored in our database and can't be disclosed without your consent.

Your further actions as a partner and participant of the project are regulated by rules published in the relevant section of the Investment platform Oasis

We reserve the right to change these rules without additional notice.


The following Agreement is concluded between the Internet platform, hereinafter referred to as "Contractor" and the user, registered on the website  (further – “Website”) called "Customer", however together in the text of the Agreement hereinafter referred to as "Parties", and separately - "Party”. This agreement, concluded by the acceptance of the present offer, does not require bilateral signing indeed electronically.

 The following terms are used in the following meaning:

  • "Customer» – Investment Platform Oasis user (“User”) - any person accessing the site via the Internet.
  • “Website” – is a set of html pages and services which are hosted on the Internet by a unique address (domain name).
  • “Website Administration” (Administration) - persons authorized to content management implementation and other activities associated with its use.  
  • “Personal User Cabinet” - the section of the Website accessible to the User after registration, by means of which the User manages his account (account, portfolio), information about projects and other actions connected with the use of the Website.  
  • “Applicant” – is a legal entity who has provided the investment project with the purpose of obtaining funds from other users.
  • “Investor” – the legal entity making capital investments in various forms.
  • “PRO Account” – a paid service, which provides all registered participants of the project additional opportunities and services in the use of “Website”.
  • “Services” - both free and paid services  provided by “Contractor” on the terms of the Agreement to the “Customer” by means of the Website.
  • “Paid services” - the paid service provided by the “Contractor” on the terms of the Agreement to the” Customer”.
  • “Database of the Website” – is a set of Profiles of “Applicants” on the Website, as well as published announcements and projects.
  • "Contractor" - “Website Administration”.


                                            General conditions

Use of materials and services of the Website is regulated by international legislation.

The following Agreement is the public offer. By accessing  Website materials the “User” is deemed to accede to this Agreement.

“Website Administration” may at any time unilaterally modify the terms of this Agreement.  Such modifications enter into force after 3 (Three) days from the moment of placement new version of the Agreement on the Website. If the “User” disagrees with the changes he is obliged to refuse access to the Website, discontinue the use of the materials and services of the Website.


                                         Subject of the Agreement

The"Contractor" undertakes to provide services to the “Customer”, and the “Customer” agrees to abide by the terms of agreement, in its discretion to pay for chargeable services.

The"Contractor" render to the “Customer” services by providing access to the database, giving an opportunity to carry out publications of projects on the Website.


                               Rights and Obligations of “Website Administration”

“Website Administration” provides the current management of the Website, determines the composition of Website services, its structure and appearance, permits and limits access to the Website, exercises other rights belonging to it.

In the case of obvious violation by the “Customer” of the rules set forth in this User Agreement, “Website Administration” has the right to suspend temporarily or block for an indefinite term “User” access to the to the Website or its separate services, and, in the case of the numerous or gross violation of provisions of the following Agreement or other rules established on the Website - to delete the account of the “User”.

“Website Administration” has the right, to exercise moderation and confirmation of Profiles of the Projects and a number of other requirements to “User”, and the materials posted by “Users” on the Website.

The administration isn't involved  in consideration and resolution of disputes and the conflict situations arising between “Users”, however reserves the right to block “User” access to the Website in case of other “Users” of motivated complaints to unfair and irresponsible behavior of this “User” on the Website, imposing of services or goods.

                                      Obligations of the “User”

  • The ”User” agrees not to undertake actions that could be considered as the violating Russian law or rules of international law, including in the field of intellectual property, copyright and related rights, as well as any actions that lead  or could  lead to disruption of normal operations of the Website and its services.
  • When citing materials of the Website, including the protected copyright, link to this Website.
  • Comments and other records of the “Users” on the Website must not conflict to requirements of the international low and accepted standards of morality and ethics.
  • “User ”  warned about  “Website Administration” is not responsible for visit and use of external resources, which maybe contained on the Website.
  • The “User ”  agrees that the “Website Administration” is not responsible for and has no direct or indirect obligations to the “User”, connected with or arising out of any possible losses or damages associated with any site content, copyright registration and information about such registration, goods or services available on or obtained through external Web sites or resources or any other user's contact, in which he joined using the information placed on the site or links to external resources.
  • The “User” accepts that all materials and services of the Website or any part thereof may be accompanied by advertising. The “User ”  agrees that the “Website Administration” does not assume any responsibility and does not have any obligations considering to  such advertising.
  • The “User”  agrees with Privacy Policy terms and Conditions conditions, attached to this agreement (appendix 2).


Requirements for the  Investment projects




                                   Other terms and conditions

All possible disputes arising out of this Agreement or related to it must be settled in accordance with applicable International law.  

Nothing in the Agreement may not be construed as setting between the user and site administration agency, the partnership relations on cooperative activities, relations of association, the relations on joint activity, the relations of personal hiring, or some other relations which are directly not provided by the Agreement.

Recognition of judicial authority of any of the provisions of the agreement to be invalid or not enforceable according to do not affect the validity of the other provisions of the agreement.

Inaction on the part of  “Website Administration”  in case of violation by any of “Users” of provisions of the Agreement doesn't deprive “Website Administration” the right to take appropriate action later for protection of their interests and protection of authors ' rights, protected  in accordance with the laws materials of the  Website.


The “User” confirms that he is informed of all clauses of the following Agreement and certainly accepts them.


                                                                                                                         Appendix 2

                                                                                                                to the User Agreement   


                                               PRIVACY POLICY

  1. Personal information of users which obtains and is processed by

1.1. In the framework of this Policy «User personal information» is defined as:

1.1.1. Personal information that the “User” provides about himself independently during registration (create account) or in the course of using the Website.

1.1.2 Information that is automatically transferred by the Website  in the course of using it by “User” installed device software, including the IP address, cookie information, information about the user's browser (or other program accessing the Website), time of access, the URL of the required page.

1.2. The Privacy Policy applies only to the Website  doesn't control and is not responsibility for third parties websites to which the “User” can follow the links available on the website  including in texts of consultations. On such sites, “User” may be collected or requested other personal information, and may also occur.

1.3.  generally doesn't verify the validity of the personal information provided by “Users” and doesn't exercise control over their capacity. However assumes,  that the ”User” provides reliable and sufficient personal information on the registration form, and maintain this information up to date.

  1. Purpose of collection and processing of personal information of “Users”

2.1. may use “User” personal information for the following purposes:

2.1.1. Identification of the parties within the framework of Agreements and Contracts with website;  

2.1.2. Providing “Users” the personalized services;

2.1.3. Communication with the “User”, including notifications, queries and information relating to use of the site, rendering services, and processing inquiries and requests from the “User”;

2.1.4. Improving the quality of Website, facilities use, developing new services;

2.1.5. Targeting of advertising materials;

2.1.6. Conducting statistical and other researches based on anonymized data.

  1. The terms of processing of “User” personal information and its transfer to the third parties

3.1. stores personal information of “Users” according to internal regulations of specific  services.

3.2. In relation to  the personal information of the “User” is stored confidentially , except in the voluntary provision of information about yourself to share an unlimited number of persons.

3.3. has the right to transfer “User”  personal information to the third parties in the following cases:

3.3.1. The user has expressed his consent to such actions;

3.3.2. Transfer is necessary within the framework of a specific Service or to provide services to the “User”;

3.3.3. Transfer is provided by the Russian or other applicable low within the framework of the procedure prescribed by law;

3.3.4. Such transfer occurs as part of the sale or other transfer of the business (completely or in parts), with the purchaser assumes all obligations to comply with the terms of this Policy with respect to personal information received by him;

3.3.5. In order to ensure the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of or the third parties in cases when the “User” violates terms of User Agreement services  of 

3.4. With regard to the processing of personal data of “Users”  is governed by the Russian Federal law "on personal data".

             4.Changing the “User’s” personal information

The “User” may change at any time (to update, complement) the personal information provided to him or its part, as well as its privacy settings by using the edit function of the personal data in his account.

  1. The measures used to protect user’s  personal information takes necessary and adequate organizational and technical measures to protect personal data of “User” from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as other illegal actions of third parties.

  1. Modification of this Privacy Policy. Applicable law .

6.1. has the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy. When changes are made in the current addition it must indicates the date of the last update. The new version of the Policy comes into force from the moment of its posting, unless otherwise provided by the new policy wording. The current version is always on the page of

6.2  The following Policy and the relationship between “User” and arising from the application of the privacy policy is applicable Russian law.